Tea For Me is an exciting specialty tea supplier based in Perth, offering tea accessories and naturally delicious, hand-packed rareloose leaf tea from farms that we have visited. For all those people who can’t visit our tea store in Perth, now is the time to buy top-quality teas from our online tea shop. With over 15 years experience in the tea industry, Tea For Me is a leading tea wholesaler in Australia.

Our online tea shop offers a great selection of over 110 flavors and a collection of specialty loose leaf teas. We also sell a great range oftea accessories and tea gifts. See the left column to buy from our tea products’ categories.

At Tea For Me, we are passionate about Tea and dedicated to share our passion by offering to our customers the finest selection of Tea. Our 10 years experience in the tea retail sector has enabled us to give to our customers throughout Australia and internationally the chance to enjoy the perfect tea shopping experience.

To place an order, simply contact us directly by email or phone. All orders are handled easily, inexpensively and securely.

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