Tea For Me is an exciting specialty tea business offering accessories and naturally delicious, hand-packed rare loose leaf teas from farms that we have visited to both consumers and trade throughout Australia and internationally. We are based in Perth and were established in 1998 giving us over 13 years experience in the retail and wholesale sector.

We are a Tea Merchant for all types of tea, White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea and Black Tea. Tea For Me offers a range of over 110 flavours and a collection of specialty loose leaf teas that awaken the senses and revive the soul. Perfect for tea connoisseurs and novices alike. Tea For Me is dedicated to quality leaf tea from all over the world, e.g. China, India, Sri Lanka.

Tea For Me do not source our teas from International Agents or packing houses. Proprietor, Barry Dawson, travels to the tea regions in various countries in search for the best tea available. He will visit small gardens that preserve traditional artisan methods of nurturing tea, the collection includes immune-boosting white tea, skin purifying green tea, rejuvenating oolong tea, warming black tea and calming herbal infusions. Many hours are spent tasting and testing every tea to satisfy himself that it will be suitable for the most discerning tea drinker.

Our Vision

Here at Tea For Me, we love tea and follow where it leads us. We are knowledgeable through the effort of hard work, study, and travel. We will always intentionally relate to our customers, our tea growers, tea suppliers, the community, and our staff to maintain exceptional service standards.

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